"Partners India is about the business of spreading God's kingdom by training indigenous leaders to bring the holistic nature of the Gospel to the countless millions in a land with little exposure to Christ. I have seen firsthand both the need for the ministry, and the effectiveness of PI's approach."
Rev. Marc A. Champagne - Lead Pastor, Redeemer Church, Mason, OH.

“We first of all support Partners India because we believe in Ashish and Sue. They have dedicated their lives fully to have the Gospel preached to the people of India, and have no lack of faith or wisdom in using their resources. They have a great track record and a little support goes a long way. I am positive we will be hearing about Partners India for decades to come.”
Dr. Boyd Hannold - Lead Pastor, Princeton Alliance Church, NJ.

“India is ablaze with spontaneous expansion of the gospel. I believe that Partners India, being an indigenous missions agency is uniquely positioned make a significant impact to meet the leadership development challenges and church planting needs of our generation.”
Dr. Joseph Paturi – Chancellor, Sanbaltar International University, CA.

“I love the ministry of Partners of India and my good friend Ashish Pushkaran. Today's missions’ strategy must include training nationals to reach their own people. If we are true to Christ's mission, and believe in the effectiveness of our funding, then we must join with organizations like Partners India to fulfill the Great Commission."
Dr. Saji. K. Lukos – President, Reaching Indians Ministries International, IL.

"Partners India" and Ashish Pushkaran have proven their devotion to Christ and His mission to reach the unreached of India. As Lead Pastor of Life Church West Chester, I have continued to pray for this vital ministry over the years and financially support Partners India wholehearted. I recommend every church and pastor to consider financially and prayerfully backing this outstanding ministry.”
Rev. Randy D. Rice - Lead Pastor, Life Church West Chester, OH.

"We support Partners India because they are an efficient and effective organization and very responsible stewards of resources given them. Their staff of dedicated and committed individuals provide a major return on investment in terms of reaching the most people with God's message of salvation through evangelization while, at the same time, meeting the personal, physical, social and vocational needs of those they seek to reach for Christ.”
Drs. John and Carolyn Carmichael, Lancaster, PA.

“After visiting India with PI,  I am all the more convinced that God is truly using these Indigenous leaders. They are faithfully watching for opportunities to genuinely and compassionately meet the physical, intellectual and spiritual needs of those with whom they come in contact in tangible ways. I want to support them as they purposefully seek to be God's hands and feet in sharing the Gospel of Christ in word and deed.”
Edward Steitz – Partners India Board Member, Denver, CO.