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The Daughter of the King

A couple of years back, Rajabeti and her family were seriously contemplating suicide. A life devoid of peace, hope, and purpose; there was nothing to look forward to. Her husband was an angry, abusive alcoholic; her three grown sons were both physically and mentally ill. 
She took pilgrimages, sometimes her husband joined her - for he also yearned for hope- walking hundreds of kilometers for days without sandals- to find favor from the many deities they worshipped. The despair only continued to grow overtime. It looked as if there was no way out of the misery.
One of her sons were invited to attend our youth group by his friend. He found the giver of Hope that he longed for. That evening, he went home and told her about it. The next day, Rajabeti came to our office and she too embraced Hope that day. Within the next few months, one by one, her entire family came to find hope, joy, peace and freedom that they all longed for! 
Recently, I had the privilege of spending time with Rajabeti, her husband, and one of their sons. Her joy for life and her hopefulness was beyond anything I can describe; I will never forget this day. In Hindi, Rajabeti means "Daughter of the King"! She smiles because her name truly describe who she is!