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Ray of Hope aims to transform lives in Northern India by empowering youth and women, improving health and hygiene in rural villages, and ensuring underprivileged children access to basic education.

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Empowering youth and Women

Meet Bavani. Just a few years ago, Bavani and her family were drinking boiled water for dinner when her husband couldn’t afford to buy rice and lentils. But that was before she took classes at a Ray of Hope sewing center. In a village where the average daily income is less than a dollar, Bavani now makes three dollars a day in her new job as a seamstress. And that’s not all—in her free time, she is teaching some of her neighbors to sew using the machine she was given during her training with Ray of Hope. She says, “I have no big dreams, but my goal is to use my new skills to help other women in my village. I have been given much, and now I want to give back.”

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Improving Health and Hygiene

Meet Anjali. Anjali’s village is so remote that no one she knows had ever seen a doctor before Ray of Hope hosted a medical camp there. Anjali had an extremely painful ear infection and because she didn’t know what else to do, started stuffing her ear with sand. This only made things worse, and she stopped being able to hear in that ear. Now, thanks to a nurse working with Ray of Hope, Anjali’s ear has been cleaned out and her health has been restored!

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Ensuring Access to Education:

Meet Praveen. Lower-caste kids like Praveen have little access to education and are often discriminated against in school. As a result, literacy rates are low and poverty rates are high in his village. That’s where Ray of Hope comes in. Our staff provide classes in history, Hindi language, math, science and even English, ensuring that rural children have the opportunity to learn and grow. Praveen can now recite the alphabet in English and spell a word for each letter. And he can’t stop smiling!